Montag, September 22, 2014

Stash overload

I'm back!
My tests came out all cleared and I'm over the moon, as you can guess.
So I decided to come off the stash diet that I kind of have put myself onto (kind of, I just wanted to come out with less stash than I started the year). I was visiting with my SIL and the coats warehouse sale is about 45 minutes away from her house. Since I needed a break from too much family, I decided to go.
And this is what I took home with me (my MIL has more at her house since FIL and MIL were there with their car)

100gr Regia sock yarn in purple
2 skeins of Red heart fina DK

2 skeins of Rowan fine art
4 skeins of Regia Silk, in an awful colour but they were 2 Euro a skein, so I will overdye it!
8 skeins of Extra Merino (as you can see, they were 12 Euro total). I thought I bought 10 though. Not sure what I'm going to do with it...

and this is my favourite! 20 skeins of Rowan Baby Merino Silk DK. For only 80 Euro! I saved 3,60 Euro per skein!

I also bought 100gr Regia sock yarn undyed and two scarves that you can unravel and make socks out of. I could have bought even more!!!

Sonntag, August 03, 2014


So, I have been MIA again. But this time it’s not the mojo or the lack of pictures (although I do need to take a ton of pictures of finished things).

I’m mostly offline at the moment, just a second here and there to make bank transfers or to write emails, that really have to be written (like official stuff). And there’s a reason for me being offline. I have suffered an acute loss of my hearing on my left ear and now I try to reduce stress as much as possible and while I don’t really feel stressed by reading blogs or messages on ravelry, I think it really gives me more time to focus on other things. That’s why I’m writing this post in word first and will upload it the next time I need to do some urgent things on my laptop.

Beeing offline as given me plenty of time to focus on my creative endeavor.
The vintage jeans I have been talking about are finished. Somehow the fit isn’t as great as I hoped it would be, esp. since I did most of the fitting with a Palmer-Pletsch-Instructor. And the button has already popped off (I installed it badly to be honest). The pockets aren’t deep enough. I have no idea if I’m ready to tackle jeans again, now that I found out, that I can wear the Lands end Jeans without any fitting issues. Why go thru all that fitting if you can find a really great fitting Jeans? But I will wear it and I’m happy to have used some very old stash fabric. I hope to post a real review once I’m back to my old self

Another vintage project is also done. “It cannot fail to please” from “A stitch in time vol.1” by Susan Crawford and Jane Waller. I love it. It’s so stunning. As you might remember, I thought I did not have enough fabric but as it appears I have two more skeins in my stash, so I could have made the sleeves much longer. But alas, it has short sleeves now and I will wear it proudly. It’s a great pattern. The only thing I really disliked was the lack of a knitting chart. I get so confused with written patterns, so I made the swatch and then I could see which stitches had to be stacked on top of each other and I was able to write out a chart myself. The instructions would have been 5 pages shorter if you just could have written,” Knit x stitches, purl y stitches (or so) then follow the chart 8 times, ….” I know, that a lot of people out there really prefer written instructions, I’m just not one of them.

I also knitted the body in the round up to the armholes. While I can see, that shoulder seams do add stability to a garment, I haven’t found, that side seams in knitted garments have any benefits for the fit. Have you found that? I did cast off with a 3 needle bind off at the shoulders and that has given me enough support. The sleeves I knitted flat, since I did not have the brain to convert it into the round at that point.
The yarn is a mystery yarn from my stash. I got it from the sale bin at my LYS a couple of years ago. I think I remember the owner saying, that it was a bamboo blend. It has a great feel and a bit of sheen to it and it will pill like crazy.

I also decided to take part in the summer sew along hosted by Isabelle from the Fluffy Fiber podcast. (if flickr will let me upload pictures at some point, I’m really mad at flickr at the moment!).
I made 2 Polly Tops by “By hand London” so far. I added kind of an FBA to the pattern and I guess I should have added a little more since they are a tiny bit snug over my bustline. The pattern is a freebie and I highly recommend it. It’s great for using up odds and ends of fabric for the contrast insert. The first top I made is made out of linen remnants from the stash.  I did chop off the shoulder straps quite a bit after reading reviews that they would run long. Not in my case. They are very snug to be honest. And I forgot to tape down the “dart” that appeared when I made my interesting take on the FBA. So I had to ease in  the extra ease at the side seam. But it is o.k. for wearing around the house and when doing errants.

The second incarnation is out of some quilting cotton I also had in my stash for a long while and some cotton satin leftover from old old old projects. So two more pieces of stash gone! (or nearly gone. I have plans for the scraps of the dotted fabric). This time I added some of the extra length back to the straps. Mostly in the back to help with my upper round back as well. It’s better but I think, it can have even more fabric added back to it. I like the top itself, but the bias binding is not my favourite. If I make it again, I will add a facing instead or make a bias facing.

That’s it for now. I have more to show, but that will have to wait for another day or week. I think of you!

Montag, Juni 09, 2014

more things that keep me from knitting

So, in my last post I told you,  that I had lost my knitting mojo.
I managed to finish the bodice without any problems and started knitting in the sleeves. I made progress and had to get more yarn.  Then I just found one more ball.
And I stalled out.
I never would be able to finish both sleeves with one ball of yarn.
I just could not knit on the sleeve.
So I started on a Leftie by Martina Behm
(Sorry, my tablet dislikes posting pictures)

Then I cleaned a knitting bag and what did I find?
Another ball of yarn! And I was on a roll! I finished the first sleeve yesterday and started yhe second tonight. Now the first of the two balls of yarn is nearly gone and I start to get paralysed again.  Waaaaaah.

To be continued

Freitag, Mai 23, 2014

loosing mojo

So, another blog post from my tablet pc since I hafe a sick kid at home again. Luckiky we get 10 days per kid and parent off work per year with the insurance paying as ling as you are a member of the public insurance companies.

Yesterday it has been quiet warm here and instead of knitting I just thought about it.

As you know, I really don't like having more than 2 projects on the needles at a time. And I'm still working on my epic sweater project. I have separated the front and the back abd fir some reason I was at a different place than the pattern said I should be at. I modified the pattern but just by adding 2 complete repeats.

Somehow this stalled me out and I lost my sweater mojo. I made 2 cowls and nearly 1 pair of socks instead.  But I'm determined to pick it up again. But see, instead of knitting I even blogged about it....

and I took a picture before M. woke up. She is really ill, we went to see the doc again and her fever is up again as well. Now that she is sleeping, I will knit some more. Maybe knitting on it will help me get my mojo back.

Samstag, Mai 03, 2014

Using up sockyarn scraps

I'm still working on my "It cannot fail to please" pullover and have finished the body up to the armholes and I'm working on the back for now. The decreases are done, I have to knit a repeat and then knit some more plus the shoulder shaping.

But somehow I lost steam on that. Mostly I knit 2-3 rows per day but that is less stitches than one round of the body...

I think, I got sidetracked, since I made a cowl (zuzu's petals. Looks like a shawlette but is a cowl) out of handspun yarn. Great pattern since it showcases the handspun really well and doesn't take much meterage!

(the pictures are crappy tablet pictures, sorry!)

And now I'm working on a pattern that uses up odds and ends of sockyarn. It's more a recipe than a pattern but I really enjoy blending in the different colours!
The pattern is Blender and here's mine
See, I have the attention span of a cookie....

Sonntag, April 13, 2014

Vintage Jeans

So, after finishing the second dress for the rockstars

I decided it was time to sew the Jeans pattern I had fitted in Aarhus in Febuary this year.

The pattern is Kwik Sew 407 and it was printed in 1973. It was gifted to me in 2008 or so by my dear friend Annika from the US. The pattern is printed on heavy paper and in pristine condition, just lacking the instructions, so I have to guess the way the pattern wants to be assembled. But it's no hard work.

Since I had tweaked the pattern so much, I had to re-draw the front pockets. I think, I did something wrong there, since they are coming out huuuuge. Maybe it's to counterbalance the tiny back pockets.

The fabric is a twill fabric, that I have no recollection of buying whatsoever. It feels, like it has been in my stash since the pattern was printed, but since I started sewing just 20 years ago, I guess not. I don't even like the colour brown. It's a cool shade of brown though, so I hope it will go with the rest of my wardrobe For the topstitiching I simply threaded two strands of sewing thread thru the needle. So much easier than buying topstitichingthread. I even have plenty of brown thread in my threadstash (letting my head hang in shame since I really do have a threadstash as well), so it's good to use at least a bit of that (plus the weird plushy nylon that I certainly bought in the early days of ebay).

So far I have assembled the fronts (making the pockets), sewed the saddlepart to the back and topstitched it. Added the pockets to the bag and inserted the fly front zipper. As always slow progress, but I'm happy to sew a seam here and there and I hope to finish the Jeans before May.

Sonntag, April 06, 2014

slow and steady wins the race

Hi there,

I thought I'd give you an update on my knitting.
I'm working pretty monogamously on my vintage sweater, so I'm making good progress despite the fact, that the whole sweater is knitted on 2.5 mm needles and sportweight yarn (I guess, it's mystery yarn without a label, so I don't get to deduct from my stashnumbers every time I finish a skein).

The pattern is "it cannot fail to please" from Susan Crawford and Jane Waller from "A stitch in time vol.1" but actually it's a vintage pattern.

As you can see I'm knitting it in the round instead of working it in pieces. I don't think, that sideseams are necessary for any kind of internal stability (I learned, that shoulderseams are a good idea though, when you have set in sleeves)

I'm at the fourth repeat, so if I would stick to the pattern I would divide for the armholes soon, but since I have a long, long torso I will add two more pattern repeats. Slow but steady! It helps, that I have time off at the moment!